Day 7

Yes! Somehow, I have made it to a full seven days without giving up this incredibly difficult diet. And when I say difficult, it’s difficult. I honestly want to go as long as I can being on this cleanse, until I’m able to find a farm who grows their own wheat (the old, heritage kind, like kamut) and lets people either grind it there or buy the fresh berries and grind it at home. I would absolutely buy the heck out of them! Old grains like that aren’t processed nearly as much as, say, soft white spring wheat is, because it usually can’t compete with the quantity that’s produced. So, until I find a farm that does that, I think I’ll remain right where I am; drinking kombucha, rubbing magnesium oil on my feet and growing a bunny garden to strictly produce Mable’s veggies. She costs about $15/week in just her vegetables! Such a spoiled rabbit.

As I told you guys earlier, after the 7 day mark, I would only post “My Journey” posts probably once or twice a week. Let’s shoot for twice right now, and then when I get past the one month mark, then we’ll do once a week and then so on and so forth.

So, today was interesting. Today was a big day, full of football, so my dad had his friend over and they kept shouting at the TV screen while my friend and I were watching “Hellboy: The Golden Army”. Since the first day I saw that movie, I’ve wanted to marry Abraham. Has that thought crossed anyone else’s mind? Anyways, I didn’t eat until around 12:30 or so, and when I did, I had two farm-fresh eggs, a little bit of sharp cheddar sprinkled on and a whole lot of tabasco sauce. Since ketchup used to be my flavoring of choice, I’ve now switched to using tabasco because, well, it’s red, like ketchup. I wish there was a way to make ketchup without sugar, but unfortunately, if ketchup didn’t have any sugar added to it it’d just taste like marinara sauce, and I am not putting marinara on my eggs.

After I ate breakfast, my friend and I proceeded to laze about my room, playing with Mable and pretty much evading other people. If there was such a thing as vampires, I’m sure we’d be them. Or at least she would. After debating about who would make a better vampire, we decided to go hangout with her grandparents to get her birthday/Christmas present. Her birthday is on January 2nd, so the family usually combines it. As soon as I sat down on the couch, Bandit slowly got up and walked towards me eyeing my lap like it was made of warm, fresh laundry. Then, he jumped up and decided that my lap was his and I couldn’t have it back. As I was petting him, I noticed that he had drops of water on his neck…then I saw this:

20150101_145612 Wait. What’s that droplet on his lip?


Oh my God…this cat is drooling!

Dog drool is one thing, because you pretty much expect it, but cat drool is an entirely different matter. There’s something wrong, there. Most of my friend’s cats are that way though, so I really wasn’t that surprised. Still grossed out, though. Here I was thinking that it was cute he hadn’t cleaned his face after drinking from his water bowl.

So, after being drooled on by Bandit for about an hour, my friend dropped me off at my house and I went back up in my room and played with Mable. And by “play”, I’m usually walking around and she follows me and nudges at my leg, wanting me to give her pets. If I don’t, and I’m sitting on the ground, she does this:


It’s pretty much the cutest thing in the world and I can’t resist it. By the way, yes, she is almost longer than my leg. When she’s stretching up, trying to see if you have any banana in your hand, she’ll reach about 3 feet high, ears excluded.

Anyways, after that, I went downstairs and made myself a simple green salad using the cashew chicken leftovers and then had a tangerine. After that, I drank a lot of water, drank some kombucha and watched Dr. Oakley for a while before returning back to my sanctuary and writing about my day!

Struggles of the day:

My mother made some pumpkin bread and I went to go grab some, and then I remembered my diet. Same thing with the loaf of fresh french bread…and you guys know exactly how much I like french bread. She also made a potato soup for my dad and his friends, which they loved, but I was mad because I couldn’t have any. She said she’d make the Thai Coconut Soup, but then changed her mind and said she’d make it tomorrow, so for dinner, I had an orange and the rest of my kombucha.

Good news:

I’m finding that my cravings have definitely gone down. I’m not craving snacks as much as I had, and I’m also not eating as much. Hopefully, once I get the job at Petco (fingers crossed!) I’ll get the “exercise” portion taken care of. I know, I know. Walking around a store for 8 hours a day barely fits into the category of exercise, but I do know that I’ll be doing a whole lot of skiing this winter, so that’ll be something extra I hope to benefit from. My mom also told me to get into yoga, but I’m not sure about that. I did “pregnant yoga” once and at the end of the session, the instructor asked us to give one word that would describe how our vagina feels. Only in Eugene, Oregon.

After that experience, I dare say I probably won’t be doing yoga, but who knows. I’ve tried roller derby, soccer, basketball (briefly, when I was 10), running, swimming and a million other things. The ones that have stuck with me are: skiing, marching band (if you tell me that marching band isn’t a sport, I’d like you to try blowing breath out from your lungs for 2 minutes, if necessary, while blindly running across a football field and carrying an instrument that may weigh 10 lbs. or heavier while making sure you don’t slip on mud without looking on the ground. Make fun of the sport and I will smack you with my clarinet), swimming, mountain bike riding, and walking dogs. I can’t walk or run without a dog by my side. Trust me, I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. Unfortunately since it’s winter and I live on hills, I’d really only be able to ski, which as you can imagine, is an expensive sport.

Also, one other thing I’d like to add. I hate spelling things wrong, so if you guys catch mistakes and grammatical errors, would you please somehow tell me? I read over every blog posting twice before I posted it, but I find mistakes afterwards and it bothers me. So if you find one, and it’s totally embarrassing, first, laugh about it, and then forgive me. I am only human, as they say.

Wow, this is probably the most pointless post I’ve posted so far. It had barely any GAPS references in there any where. I’ll be sure to talk more about new body products and what I’ll be experimenting with in…a few days.

Have a wonderful day!


Day 5

Ho hum… In some ways I can’t wait until day 7 comes along, because then these posts won’t all be so similar.

Today was kind of hard as far as eating food goes. My mom has a bunch of “normal” people food (ice cream, bread, noodles, crackers, rice, etc.) but not enough food for someone on a GAPS diet. So, I’ve compiled a list of things I need so I can make my breakfasts and lunches (dinner would probably be leftovers).


  • more coconut flour
  • some almond flour
  • chorizo
  • 100% pumpkin puree (no sugar added)
  • local, UNpasteurized milk (yes, there are some risks to drinking it, but I think it tastes way better and is a lot better for you)
  • homemade salsa (for different egg dishes)
  • coconut cream


  • cabbage
  • turnips
  • parsnips
  • fresh green beans
  • arrowroot powder
  • coconut aminos
  • avacado
  • different types of local, pasture-raised and organic meats like pork, goat, sheep, chicken and quail
  • more kombucha

And there you have it. Enough ingredients for me to last about two weeks, depending on how much of everything I use. The fresh ingredients will only last up to a week, so everything else should be able to keep. Kombucha generally lasts me two days because the company I buy from bottles it in 16 oz. bottles. It’s a lot of soda.

So, today was no different than any other. Washed my hair and brushed my teeth with homemade materials. After that, I ate an apple and got ready for the interview. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I get really nervous before an interview. I sort of start to tremble and my mind turns mushy. The good news is, because my dad’s a business-type-people-person, he’s given me many tips and I’ve learned from one of the best. The bad news is, I can never remember them when I’m being interviewed, besides, “Shake their hand like a man!” and “Keep direct eye contact and smile!”

For me, when I’m asked a question like, “So how would you rate your customer service skills?” I answer, “Sir, they’re exemplary. I make sure that each customer comes in feeling welcome and taken care of and leaves feeling accomplished and happy.” and then if he asks me to give an example, my mind goes blank.

“Um, well, for example, there was this one time…” and then I babble.

I’m a babbler. *hangs my head in shame*

Alas! ‘Tis not my fault! While my dad is calm, organized and collected, my mom and I, if asked a question about what we did today, say something along the lines of: “Well, I did some laundry – oh, no wait, before that, it was really funny because some guy called about…” *proceeds to lose train of thought* “Um, I don’t know, I just did stuff!” – Is generally how things go.

So, when in doubt as to why you are the way you are, blame one of your parents. I blame my mother.

Either way, if that happens I just make sure and use a lot of big words and try to shock them with my amazingly vast knowledge of animals, like, “Did you know that ferrets are actually direct descendents to the pole cat and many times, if they escape, they’ll produce hybrids with them?” or “I noticed you guys have some beardies there. Yeah,” *shines fingernails on jacket* “I used to own one and his name was Merlin.”

I generally end up getting positions if I do that. Although, if I tried applying at, say, Albertsons, I doubt they’d be as impressed as Petco or Petsmart. However, I felt that the interview went alright. It wasn’t my best, but I was unprepared for the interrogation I was going to be receiving. I should have at least been warned beforehand. In fact, I think they should give me a second chance because I am usually really good at figuring out what someone’s thinking by the way that they act or look like! I couldn’t tell what either of them were thinking because their faces were impassive, but they sounded cheerful.

After that, I went back home and ate some lunch which consisted of defrosting a chicken breast, marinating it with pesto, cooking it on the stove with some butter and then cutting it up and putting it on a salad with a pesto dressing. Yeah, there’s a lot of pesto, but out of all the summer dishes, pesto is my favorite. Even in winter, it’s welcome to join the party.


Mmm…I’m craving it again, honestly. For dinner I just had a chicken breast and some green beans. I swear, any more chicken and I’ll start sprouting feathers!

For a quick snack before bed I took some pecans, lightly salted them and then trickled probably about 1 tsp. of honey on them and then added about 1-2 tsp. of cinnamon. All I did was mix it around and pesto presto! An awesome snack for any picky nut-eater.

Tomorrow I’m going to start experimenting with the coconut flour I bought, so I’ll hopefully update you guys on how that went.

Have a great night!